Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Unfortunately, air conditioning repairs are needed throughout the year, including the hot summer months. We are going to discuss two common air conditioning issues that we see our customers having the most complaints about. Hopefully with a little education on these common air conditioning issues you will be better able to identify the issue, and therefore get the needed air conditioning repairs before they become too serious.

Common Air Conditioning Repairs

  1. Leaking water – The number one reason for a leaking air conditioner is a dirty air filter. When an air filter gets dirty or clogged with dirt, hair, and debris, your air conditioning unit will have to work harder. This can also cause water to leak out. The best thing you can do is change the filter regularly. By doing this routine maintenance on your own you are helping to prevent more costly air conditioning repairs. Another cause of water leaking from your air conditioner is a rusted drip pan. The drip pan is there to collect drops of water. Over time it can become rusted and not hold water as well as it once did. If you notice this issue you will want to call an HVAC company.
  2. Not getting cold – Maybe the most frustrating complaint about an air conditioning unit is when it no longer blows cold air. The cause of this can be one of several things. Some common reasons are dirty filters, leaking refrigerant, and a clogged condensation line. It can be difficult to diagnose the problem, so we recommend calling a professional HVAC company to assess and make any needed air conditioning repairs.

A well functioning air conditioner is vital during the summer months. If you notice either of the issues above, we recommend giving us a call here at J Newton Cohen.