How to Best Prevent Midsummer Air Conditioning Issues

No one wants their air conditioning to act up, or worse go out during the hot summer months. There is one best practice to prevent breakdowns when you need your air conditioning the most. That one best practice is air conditioning maintenance.

How to Best Prevent Midsummer Air Conditioning Issues

  • Maintenance – The best thing you can do to prevent air conditioning failure during the heat of the summer is to have your air conditioning maintenance early in the summer season. It is not too late to have your air conditioning maintenance completed. If it has been a while since your last inspection and maintenance, then we recommend giving us a call. There are three important steps to professional air conditioning maintenance.
  • Inspection – Our professionals will do a complete system inspection that looks at everything from the inside to the outside of your air conditioning system. We will run performance test to ensure that it is operating at peak performance. We will talk with you about how your system is running and if any repairs need to be made.
  • Cleaning – Dust, dirt and debris in your air conditioner can cause major issues. We can get your system clean and running smoothly.
  • Adjustments – We will make all necessary adjustments to your system that will ensure that it runs correctly through the entire season.

Here at J Newton Cohen, we have very experienced professional employees who can ensure that your air conditioning system is working properly, clean and ready for the long and hot summer months.