Summer is Ending: Can My Air Conditioner Installation Wait?

Here at J Newton Cohen, we know many of our clients who are able to squeeze one more summer out of their air conditioners before they know it’s time to put it to rest. We often get asked in these circumstances if air conditioner installation can wait until the springtime. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of waiting for air conditioner installation.

schedule your air conditioner installation


  • You’ll have ample time to research your options. Waiting a few months can help you make an informed decision about your air conditioner installation.
  • You will have the chance to save up for the cost of a new air conditioner. Since air conditioners can be a financial burden to many people, the extra savings can be helpful.
  • You can schedule your air conditioner installation for most anytime you want! Spring and summer are packed schedule-wise, so if you book an appointment now, you can schedule it for a convenient time for you.


  • Any hot streaks in the fall or spring will have to be waited out or risked with an old AC.
  • Fall and winter months are expensive for many families with holiday and back to school expenses, which can eat into your air conditioner installation savings.
  • If you wait too long to make an appointment, you could be sweating through the first several days of summer waiting. You also might not be able to get an appointment that works with your schedule.

At J Newton Cohen, we want to know, would you rather wait until spring for air conditioner replacement or bite the bullet at the end of fall?