Which is Cleaner: Outside or Indoor Air? Find Out with Air Quality Testing

It seems like from the time we are young, our parents are telling us to go outside and enjoy the fresh air! However, if you live in any kind of populated area, you know that the influx of cars and other vehicles have made the air outside not quite as fresh. You might think you’re safer indoors, especially during windy seasons, fires, or storms, but are you? Let’s find out.

Air Quality Testing

Depending on what features you have in place, the majority of the time, your indoor air is cleaner or just as clean as fresh air outdoors. However, air quality testing can rule out any suspicion. Without clean air, you can experience symptoms like wheezing, stuffed sinuses, even headaches and tiredness. A good air filter and humidifier can ensure that your air quality is keeping everyone within healthy.

Air quality testing is a quick and easy way to determine the air quality that you have within your home or business. With all the time that is spent indoors during the winter months, air quality testing is more important than ever! We track in contaminants like soot, snow, dirt, sand, road salt, and more during the winter. If you don’t have proper air quality, these microscopic nuisances can really damper the quality of your indoor air.

If you’re unsure of the quality of your indoor air, it’s important that you get your air quality tested. Our team at J Newton Cohen is available to help with our air quality testing that is minimally invasive and has an excellent end result- clean indoor air for your home or business!