How to Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors at Home

Carbon monoxide is a terrifying thing for most of us. Because this gas is odorless, colorless, tasteless and invisible while also being deadly, you could have a life-threatening issue within the walls of your own home and not even realize it. Carbon monoxide can work slowly over time, causing hallucinations and a feeling of sluggish, tired brain fog or it can work very quickly, killing within hours. At J Newton Cohen, we urge anyone who doesn’t have carbon monoxide detectors to go get some today, and if you do have them, to give them a test. How do you test carbon monoxide detectors when you cannot see, smell, or taste it? Keep reading to find out!

testing carbon monoxide detectors at home

When it comes to testing carbon monoxide detectors at home, you’ll find that the testing process is very simple, with a literal push of a button only required. Every carbon monoxide detector should have a test button for you to test on a regular basis, around every 6 months or on the same schedule as your smoke detectors. Before you embark on any at home tests, however, you will want to call up your security company if you have one to let them know you’ll be running some tests so they don’t dispatch anyone to your aide unnecessarily.

Carbon monoxide is lighter than air, meaning it will rise rather than fall. Placing your carbon monoxide detectors around your home should be done so strategically keeping this fact in mind. As you spend more time indoors with the days getting shorter, make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order. Call us here at J Newton Cohen if you have any questions!