Get Your Furnace Checked Today!

During these last dregs of summer, your thoughts are probably turned to fall activities, enjoying the chance to get out your cool weather clothing while drinking or tasting something pumpkin-flavored on a regular basis. While these are all great aspects to look forward to during the dog days of summer, something else that you should look forward to is getting your furnace checked. That’s right– getting your furnace checked in the last summer months is actually an ideal time, and here are a few reasons why:

air conditioners and furnaces

  • Virtually no wait times- For most HVAC technicians, the times when it starts to get really cold or really warm for the first time that season are the busiest. This is when people start to try out their air conditioners and furnaces only to discover they aren’t working, and then everyone calls at once for repairs! If you get your furnace checked before that time, we are most likely able to easily accommodate you.
  • Less risky- Getting your furnaces checked while it’s still warm outside means that you won’t be running the risk of one malfunctioning right before the holidays and visitors start to show up!
  • Less expensive- Emergency calls can be expensive, and so can nights spent in a hotel room because your home is too chilly to inhabit. Getting your furnaces checked in the late summer can save you money through the winter.

If it’s been awhile since you had your furnace checked by a professional, don’t wait until it dies on a cold day! Instead, give us a call here at J Newton Cohen and rest warm and comfortable all winter long.