Why You Should Consider a Boiler Heating System

Most homeowners know about a furnace heating system. Many homeowners are not aware that there are other heating options that offer many benefits. One heating system that we would like to highlight is a boiler heating system. Here are some of the many advantages of installing a boiler to heat your home or business.

Why You Should Consider a Boiler Heating System

  • Long lasting – The only moving part within boilers is the circular pump. This is drastically different than the many moving parts of a furnace. Because there are fewer moving parts there are less parts to break down and need repair. Well-maintained boilers can last up to 30 years.
  • Save money – A boiler does cost more than a furnace to purchase. But, don’t let that upfront cost scare you away. A boiler will save you money in your energy bills. A boiler uses water to conduct heat throughout your home, which is more efficient than using air to conduct heat like in a furnace.
  • Even heating – Hot air rises. This well-known fact is how a furnace heats a room. The hot air accumulates towards the top of a room and can take time for that heat to trickle down to where you are sitting on the couch.  A boiler on the other hand does not heat from the top down, but evenly throughout the room.

When selecting a boiler heating system, it is important to have a professional HVAC company install it. This helps to ensure that it is installed properly and runs correctly. Here at J Newton Cohen, we would love to assist you with selecting, installing and repairing your boiler heating system.